Bruce Stokes,VP of Human Resources

Over the past 20+ years, it has been my pleasure to have worked with GLRC on several occasions. I have been fortunate to have utilized their consulting services with three different companies that I have worked. In addition, I plan on utilizing GLRC in the future. Tom Finley and Mary Halloran are both professionals that bring expertise in their field along with the confidence, skills and maturity to earn the respect of the management teams they work with.

Some areas I have worked with Tom and Mary are as follows:

  • The application of cutomized measurement tools, e.g., opinion surveys, 360's, etc.
  • Facilitation of interventions leading to change
  • Team Building...installing a team management system, structuring teams, measuring progress, training and developing team members
  • Organizational development...the development of systems and processes, structuring work units and the business, implementing performance management as a system, helping executives define vision, mission, measurements, strategic plans, establishing policy
  • Coaching and counseling managers and executives in their personal growth and development
  • The development of a Human Resource that is a member of the strategic operations teram of an enterprise.

I would be honored to be a reference for Tom and Mary.


Vector CANtech
Bruce Emaus, President

As a start-up 12 years ago, the rapid growth at Vector from 1 person (myself) to nearly 100 employees was no simple journey. As people issues were consuming larger and larger portions of my time, I found my searching, reading, and experimenting to be ineffective. More experience was needed.

Listening to Tom and Mary at the first introduction to GLRC made me realize that here in front of me was the experience I was looking for. Tom and Mary had the lessons learned, but knowing the answers was not the same as the delivery of this experience into the company. Together, we started to down the path to see what might result - and I must say it was a great success. This was no "cookie cutter" or "we do it this way" approach. Instead, Tom and Mary carefully listened, asked questions, analyzed, and made suggestions.

The idea of using a customized company-wide employee opinion survey to allow the employees the opportunity to raise the key Vector issues seemed a duplication of effort to identify the same issues that I was already aware of. However, the survey results produced a great hidden value - that was both the employees and the company leadership was sharing an ownership in the internal problems. We subsequently used the survey to restructure our leadership at Vector CANtech. This key strategic change that connected leaders with their local accountabilities has been one of the most significant benefits from our interaction with GLRC.

At the personal level, the coaching and mentoring of Tom and Mary have been very valuable to my personal growth and development. I thank both of them for this. 

In conclusion, I would strongly recommend Tom and Mary's knowledge, their ability to connect to people, their coaching and mentoring, and especially their ability to deliver "best practices" experience into your organization.


Seaman Corporation
Rob Petit,  VP Human Resources

I am very happy to provide this referrel letter based on the exceptional results GLRC has provided to Seaman Corporation over the last 10 yers

Clearly, the "tools" the GLRC organization has provided to Seaman Corporation have enabled us to exceed our Strategic Growth Initiatives by providing quantitative measurement systems to manage our business. The major "tools" used to drive change at Seaman Corporation are:

  1. Development of Customized surveys -- used to measure Customer Satisfaction, Associate Satisfaction, as well as 360 feedback results to help our managers improve their individual performance. Equally as important is their willingnes to help facilitate feedback sessions and develop specific action plans to drive future change.
  2. Team Facilitation and Intervention Techniques -- which lead to a significant reorganization in our R&D area
  3. Team Building -- structuring, measuring, and training our Customer Service Team to work in a more productive and efficient manner.
  4. Interpersonal Style Workshops -- enabled associates at all levels of our organization to work more efficiently with each other as well as with our customers by identifying their individual styles and understanding the strengths and weaknesses associated with those styles.
  5. Coaching and Counseling -- working individually with managers and executives on leadership capabilities as well as developing specific measurable objectives to address.

These are just a few of the examples of how GLRC has helped Seaman Corporation take advantage of its Human Capital.

But in the end,the biggest attribute GLRC has to offer is the personal time they are willing to spend -- often at a moment's notice -- on any business challenge facing Seaman Corporation. Besides being good consultants, they are both good business advisors as well.


Cleveland Clinic
Richard Day,Director Patient Admin. and Support Services

My organization consists of 1,100 employees, most of whom have daily direct contact with patients, family members and other visitors to our inpatient and outpatient facilities. I asked Tom and Mary for their help to develop strategies for improving the quality of our frontline leadership team, which includes a number of new supervisors and managers.

GLRC conducted a thorough assessment of more than 35 of these new leaders, the results of which we have used to drive specific development programs for some, and reassignment or removal for others. We have seen recent improved behaviors resulting from the implementation of recommendations that were provided by the leadership assessment.

Mary/Tom also worked with a smaller group of leaders responsible for helping our patients with various payment/insurance-related issues. These leaders have benefited greatly from participating in the Interpersonal Skills seminar, learning how to interact with others more effectively, coach their teams and de-escalate issues with both patients and internal customers.

Lastly, I sincerely appreciate Tom's personal coaching during this time of significant organizational change and challenge. He is currently helping me change our strategy for ongoing development of all frontline leaders within my organization, with a focus on communication strategies,measuring performance,a nd conducting regular " business reviews" with their teams.

From the results we've seen and the feedback I have had from several team members, I am more than convinced this is a good investment for our organization.


Robert J. Kerin
Human Resource Professional

As former Vice President of Human Resources for Rubbermaid and most recently Corporate Director of Human Resources for Macro Plastics, I have had the pleasure of working with GLRC on numerous occasions. I partnered with GLRC to supplement the organizational development efforts for the companies I worked for. Tom and Mary have worked closely with my organizations to help implement:

  • Employee Opinion Surveys
  • 360-degree feedback assessments
  • Assessment and selection
  • Team Building
  • Coaching and counseling managers and executives for personal growth and development

I have had a relationship with GLRC for over 10 years and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to improve their organizational development efforts. With Tom's background in corporate training and development and Mary's background with information systems, they are an effective and dynamic team who will deliver what you need in a professional and timely manner. Their attention to detail and to customer service is of the highest quality.


Ritzman Pharmacies
Eric Graf, CEO
Stephanie Capron, Dir. of Human Resources

We would like to take this opportunity to recommend Great Lakes Resources and its Owners, Tom Finley and Mary Halloran. We have partnered with Tom and Mary in a number of ways through our 15 plus year relationship.

Tom and Mary make a great team and compliment each other well. Their years of expertise together in a multitude of Human Resource areas can offer a company/Human Resource Department a beneficial supportive relationship that contributes to the overall success of the company. Tom and Mary have a gift for understanding that “PEOPLE” are a companies’ greatest asset and how to maximize that asset even during tough economic times.

Employee Surveys have been an invaluable tool for Ritzman to measure employee satisfaction with environment, benefits, policies, and management, etc. They are willing to customize the questions to target an accurate measurement for a particular issue we may be dealing with. Their expertise in writing surveys and understanding where your company fits relative to other companies is essential in developing a meaningful survey for your company. They also understand that surveys are only as good as the follow-through with making effective changes.

Great Lakes Resource’s “Managing Relationships Effectively Workshop” has established a common language across all of our business units to understanding how individual’s styles affect relationships. This not only applies to working with our peer groups but with customers, business partners, vendors, and even our families. Our Associates “RAVE” about this program and it remains a priority in our Training budget.

Organizational Development/Effectiveness is another quality that Tom and Mary
certainly have the ability to vision for results. Tom’s years of expertise in creating
effective Teams and Workgroups is unparalleled. They understand how to
maximize a company structure for optimum outcomes.

Ritzman Pharmacies
Eric Graf, CEO
Stephanie Capron, Dir. of Human Resources


We are often asked about available resources outside of the scope of our work. Below we have listed business that may be of interest to you and that we highly recommend for your recruiting, training and assessment needs.

C. John Grom Executive Search
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Mary Held & Associates LLC
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Applied Assessments
visit or email: Dan Averbeck, PhD 

Focused Management
visit or email Ted Hill


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