Info Gathering

Information can be gathered in a variety of ways. Information gathering is dependent upon the type of survey being implemented and the individual client needs. No matter what method is used, the anonymity of the respondent is always guaranteed.

Surveys typically are web-based. However, any combination of data gathering can be used for a survey. Our web-based survey provides automatic emails to participants with links for quick access to the survey, tracking of surveys completed through a personal portfolio,  on-line reports, and many other features.

Surveys can be faxed directly to our processing center.

Whatever the primary method preferred by our customers for gathering survey information, respondents can mail their surveys to our processing center. Post card type customer surveys are common applications for using mail-in surveys.

Standard "paper and pencil" surveys are used for on-site implementation of surveys. These surveys are most often used for employee opinion surveys where computer access is not possible for internet access. Employees who are on vacation or otherwise unavailable during the implementation can fax or mail their surveys directly to our processing center.

Open ended comment type surveys (e.g., executive team interviews) are conducted by members of our staff in one-on-one interviews. The information is compiled into a summary report and individual comments are kept anonymous.


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