Thomas D. Finley

Tom's first career was as an educator. He was a teacher and school principal, working with 10-16 year olds. He assumed a role as a change agent in all phases of education, taking a leadership role in curriculum management, re-engineering school organizations, improving teaching practices and increasing the level of learning in the school environments he served.

As a second career, Tom entered the business world. He joined Rubbermaid in 1974 when the organization consisted of five locations and had total sales of less than $300 million. He became part of a management team that was recognized as among the best in the country. Tom and people in his unit were internal consultants used to avoid/solve people problems in all Rubbermaid locations. When he retired from Rubbermaid as Vice President of Human Resource Development, there were more than fifty locations worldwide and more than $2 Billion in sales. He actively participated in the development of a very effective corporate-wide human resource function and, as part of that endeavor, built the Human Resource Development unit at Rubbermaid. Key to the unit success was the development of performance feedback tools. He served the Rubbermaid organization for 20 years.

Following Rubbermaid, Tom became CEO of Ritzman Pharmacies, a small chain of retail pharmacies in Northeastern, Ohio. He held this post for five years. From his experiences, Tom has developed a skill and knowledge base that enables him to facilitate the changes necessary to manage an organization in a changing global marketplace.

Great Lakes Resource Center was formally established in 1995. Tom has been consulting for more than twenty years while at Rubbermaid and Ritzman Pharmacies. His consultative skill base has been applied across a broad base of organizations.

Mary M. Halloran

Mary's  expertise is in the application of technology to measurement tools to assist clients in the development and implementation of performance measurements.

Prior to establishing GLRC, Mary was the General Partner and Director of a Computertots Franchise for a 7 county territory in Ohio for five years. Under her direction, the franchise customer base tripled in its first year, doubled in its second year, and continued to grow in subsequent years, ranking the franchise in the Top 20 nationwide. She received the "Mentor of the Year" and "Franchisee of the Year" awards, as well as business growth awards each year of operation under her management. She and her partner established a regional franchisee organization which became nationally recognized and modeled throughout the country. The application of measurement to performance was an important part of this success.

Previously, Mary was Vice President of Sales for a computer firm in Cleveland. Her main responsibility upon joining the firm was to establish the company in a new vertical market. As that goal was achieved, her responsibilities were expanded into other sales areas and management. She was employed by that firm for six years. Her expertise in the application of technology was a critical success factor.

Mary has spent the majority of her career in a sales and marketing environment. She spent 10 years employed by a division of Rubbermaid in marketing, merchandising and promotions.

From these experiences, Mary has developed a skill and knowledge base that enables her to effectively provide GLRC services. Her attention to technology applications, customer needs and customer service assures clients of quality performance from GLRC.


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