We are partners with organizations in the mutually rewarding mission of helping people to succeed. To this end, we will apply our knowledge and leading edge technology to the management of performance of people and organizations through the use of customized measurement tools. Corporate clients often require a full range of survey services which can add burden to existing workloads. We are able to offer solutions that are quite frequently lower than in-house costs. With a trend toward outsourcing, our corporate clients can rely on us to provide quality survey services at a reasonable cost. The advantage of third party processing also helps to insure anonymity. We use a proprietary software that permits the development of customized and affordable surveys that can be quickly processed and implemented. Using measurement objectives chosen by the organization, the resulting information is scored, summarized, ranked and organized in Action Planning Details that enables managers to easily plan changes.

Great Lakes Resource Center, Inc. was established to provide Standard and Customized Performance Measurement tools that support the development of:

Employees Teams Organizations
Custom 360's Effectiveness

Custom Opinion Surveys

Performance Appraisal Health Audits Customer Service
Management Scorecards Customer Satisfaction Systems Effectiveness

In addition to performance measurement tools, GLRC provides human resource development support in the form of custom and standardized training programs, consulting services and staffing.

GLRC, Inc. works with customers throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.

Our Formula For Organization Success

Satisfied Employees = Satisfied Customers = Results

The Success
Formula is the basis for Employee Retention.

Management Philosophy

"Today’s executives and senior management must learn how to define, communicate and measure their visions and missions in more advanced ways. They must provide the leadership and employ the competencies that respond to advancing technologies and work place complexities. By defining an organizational change process that integrates measurement, a participative approach to management and efficient utilization of teams, they can produce a continuous learning organization responsive to employee, customer and organizational needs."



Great Lake Resource Center - Thomas d. Finley & Mary M. Halloran - glrc@glrcinc.com
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