Employee Opinion Survey

Feedback is a Gift

All organizations have three resources to allocate effectively: human, financial and informational. Measurement is as important for managing human assets as it is for managing financial and informational assets. . . perhaps more so.

Human assets include employees, suppliers, customers. Satisfaction levels of each need to be measured to performance expectations if the leadership of the organization wants to sustain growth.

Employee Opinion Surveys measure the employee perceptions of managerial and organizational practices.

Why Survey

Auditing the impact of organizational practices and management practices is critical in the management of human resources. Reachable, attainable and stretch measures need to be set for measuring the effectiveness of the resources allocated to human resource management. Managers need to be held accountable for obtaining these measures for their work units.

This auditing practice. . . 

  • Promotes measurement as a tool for growth and development 
  • Communicates a we care company posture 
  • Establishes a foundation for a Performance Management System 
  • Leads to the retention of employees.

Why Survey Now

The implementation of a continuous survey cycle . . . 

  • Enables the leadership of an organization to demonstrate a change management model that he/she wants others to use to implement change 
  •  Establishes, early on, a benchmark that can be used to measure progress. 
  •  Enables the leader to continually demonstrate the impact of his/her interventions via periodic audits. 
  •  Quickly justifies the use of resources needed to make change. 
  •  Gives the leader confidence in the priority of his/her interventions 
  •  Communicates immediately that the leader cares

Change Management Model


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