Staffing Agreement

 All six of the components below are addressed when GLRC, Inc., accepts a staffing assignment. Our typical cycle time from signing this agreement to initiating the orientation is three (3) months. Some be shorter or longer but the search will continue until it is completed. The fee for these services is twenty-five (25) percent of the estimated total compensation. This 25% includes the Professional Pre-Employment Screening (PPS) assessment costs ($250 each), but does not included the Professional Assessment series (PAS) assessment costs ($850) for management positions. Search expenses are also not included and are invoiced as incurred.

One-third of the fee based upon an estimate of total compensation is payable upon signing of this agreement, one-third after the first month and the remainder when the person starts the job. If a company chooses to cancel an agreement within 30 days, no additional fees beyond the first installment are payable. If cancellation occurs after the first 30 days, the second installment becomes payable. The third installment is never paid until a candidate is actually hired. Should the new hire fail to work out withint he first three months, the staffing project will be renewed at no additional costs other than expenses and PAS assessments.

1. Job Analysis Completed
    -  Job Description created
    -  Job Specifications developed
    -  Hiring Requirements constructed
    -  Interviewing Guide established
    -  Organizational Chart(s) constructed if needed

2.  Prospects Recruited
    -  Research conducted
    -  Personal Contact made
    -  Qualifying criteria applied
    -  Communications managed

3.  Screening if Candidates Conducted
    -  Interviews conducted
    -  Professional Pre-Employment Screening (PPS) administered
    -  Reference Checks conducted
    -  Communications managed

4.  Candidates Interviewed by Client
    -  Interview process established
    -  Interviews scheduled
    -  Interviewers coached
    -  Information processed and analyzed
    -  Communications managed

5.  Finalist Selected
    -  Professional Assessment Series (PAS) administered for management positions
    -  Information compared to requirements
    -  Job offer prepared and extended
    -  Communications managed

6.  Assimilation initiated
    -  Orientation planned
    -  Hiring Manager coached
    -  Three month assessment conducted 

     Agreed to by:

     Great Lakes Resource Center, Inc. _______________________________________
     Date _________________

     Date _________________



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