About our Recruiter

GLRC Inc., has partnered with John Grom of C. John Grom Executive Search Inc., specialists in upper management positions where a premium is placed on modern leadership ability. John has over thirty (30) years of recruiting experience with a variety of industries and functional areas.

  • We recruit effective leaders
  • We are known and respected
  • We have a broad network
  • We are well affiliated
  • We never give up...never

John was previously Manager of Executive Recruitment for Rubbermaid during its tenure as one of the country's most admired companies. He had over 100 placements resulting in savings of over $5 million.

As owner of his own executive search firm his accomplishments include:

  • 80 Searches
  • Only 1 Failure - client decided not to fill the position during the search process
  • Only 1 client found a suitable candidate on his own during the search
  • Only 5 offers ever declined
  • Never had to repeat a search due to a candidate not working out

Candidates are not only screened for qualifications to meet a client's needs, but are professionally tested for suitabilities and capabilities to predict success on the job.

John can be contact through GLRC, Inc. or directly at C. John Grom Executive Search.


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