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"Retention of quality employees
begins with the staffing system"

"Staffing System"

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The System
GLRC utilizes a system to provide staffing services to our clients. The outcome of this system is the employment of quality people who are committed to their new organization. In addition to realizing this outcome, our clients receive the benefit of a higher retention rate and the benefit of gaining a reputation as an employer of choice.

Job Analysis
This process begins with an examination of the job environment including how the work is structured. This produces a job description that clearly speels out job expectations. Based on this description, the skills, knowledge, and traits necessary to do the job can be identified and translated into specific hiring requirements.

With the hiring requirements in place, recruitment can begin. An analysis of the market place will determine where the best targets for soliciting prospects are located; i.e., who do you compete with for talent. cold calls, networking are some methods used to secure prospects for the position(s).

Prospects undergo thorough screening interviews. Those who best meet the hiring requirements are then processed for reference and background checking, which includes validation of work history, attendance, performance, integrity, and personal history. This screening process is conducted to comply with all government regulations regarding employment. All prosects are kept appraised of their status throughout the screening procedure.

Candidates who quality via the screening procedure are not ready for second level interviews. These are designed based upon client preferences. GLRC can conduct these interviews and select final candidates for interviewing or the client company can be involved at this level in the selection of final candidates.

The final candidates(s) are then assessed to determine if they have the suitabilities and capabilities for the position.

The assessment information, interview information, and reference/background checking are now used to select the final candidate.GLRC can then assist in the preparation of a job offer and manage the process of estending the offer of employment. This would also include communicating with all non-selected candidates. These communications ensure compliance with government regulations and position the client as being professional in their recruitment process.

The orientation of the new employee(s) can be facilitated by GLRC. We will coach the manager of the new employee to outline the first few weeks of work, help determine any training and development that is needed, and re-visit the job expectations to ensure understanding between employer and employee. We will also make available after the first 6-8 weeks of employment a new employe assimilation process airmed at reducing the time to integrate the meplopyee into the organization and reducing the risk of failure.



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