Performance Management

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A study based on financial data of 437 publicly traded companies shows that companies increased the value of their organizations relative to the dollars invested in performance management programs by an average of 21%, compared to an average of 7% increase without performance management programs.

The study went on to say that the book value of a company relative to the dollars invested was 18% compared to just 6% average without performance management systems. The study factored out the rate of inflation to arrive at these findings.

Performance management systems work on rewarding behavior through a regime of management strategies that involve regular feedback, setting goals, and effective coaching with regular interviews.

Great Lakes Resource Center applies this model in a variety of areas to improve productivity:

  • Organizational Practices Surveys
  • Management Practices Surveys 
  • 360 Feedback Tools 
  • Interpersonal Style Profiles 
  • New Employee Assimilation 
  • Performance Management Surveys 
  • Leadership Effectiveness Surveys 
  • Work Unit Surveys
  • Employee Retention Surveys 
  • Team Effectiveness Surveys 
  • Criteria Based Interviews 
  • Employee Selection Tools

Great Lakes Resource Center’s co-owner, Tom Finley, was formerly Vice President of Human Resource Development for Rubbermaid, Inc. for 20 years. He and his business partner, Mary Halloran, established GLRC for the purpose of providing: 

  • Standard and Customized Performance Measurements
  • Personnel Assessment 
  • Workshops and Seminars 
  • Organizational Development 
  • Human Resource System development 
  • Customized Workshops and Seminars 
  • Employee Development 
  • Team Development

To learn more about the services of GLRC and how we might improve employee performance, productivity, and retention for your organization, call, write or fax us.




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