Executive Leadership Survey

Work environments of today are dynamic. The pace of work is faster. More is required. The scope of jobs has broadened. Leadership is required in all jobs. More than ever it is important to know how effective your influence is.

Executive Leadership is a report card on how effectively you influence others. It is a report compiled exclusively for you. The information in the report comes from respondents you designate. These respondents include self, immediate supervisor, peers, subordinates or designated target groups. All responses are done anonymously to insure confidentiality. One report is prepared and sent to you for analysis and implementation. A guide for managing the feedback is part of the report. Adaptive Leadership supports your continuous learning. It helps you better manage relationships, increases your effectiveness and increases job satisfaction.

Information will be provided to you in seventeen categories:

Business Acumen
Visionary Leadership
Managing Change
Presenting Ideas
Rational Thinking
Self Awareness
Managing Emotions
Motivating Self
Relating to Others
Risk Taking

Executive Leadership is a tool to help you be more successful in your job. It applies technology to help you quickly gather, process and analyze information related to your performance. This feedback enables you to reflect, plan and implement change with confidence.


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